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This is a really kewl picture, I luv it a lot. I rly like da colurs, and I also luv how sexxxxxy Brawlmasteh looks in dis, and uh yeh d...



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So I just beat Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, and let me say that, unlike Paper Mario Sticker Star, this game did not disappoint.

This game takes what the original did, and greatly expands on it. While I do love the original, I will say that one of it's biggest problems for a lot of people was that it could`ve used more puzzles and whatnot to break apart the repetition of catching ghosts. This game definitely fixes that fault, as there are several puzzles throughout the game, and for the most part, they`re really good. And I`ll admit, I did get stuck on some of them for a little while (though I only used a guide once).

Another complaint I think some people had with the first was that they got a little tired of exploring the same mansion throughout the whole game. In this one, however, there are a total of five different worlds/areas for you to explore, which, again, helps break apart repetition.

Luigi also gets a new device this time that allows him to scan for and reveal hidden objects. It`s pretty cool, and is used to help you get more money, and find hidden gems and Boos.

Speaking of money, unlike in the first game, where all it really affected was your rank at the end, there`s actually more of a reason to collect a lot of cash, as it not only helps your mission rank, but you can unlock adjustments to your Poltergust, etc., which makes them more powerful and whatnot. Pretty neat.

The game also has a better length this time around as well. My playthrough lasted a little over 16 hours, which is more than double the time it takes me to play through the first game. It also has a better replay value as well, since there are more collectibles to find, as well as a multiplayer and online mode, though I haven`t tried them.

If I have to complain about anything, I guess I could say that I`m not too big on the game being mission/level based, where you return to the lab after completing a certain task. It kinda throws off the immersion a little, and also, there is a Boo, and multiple gems to find in almost every mission, and you have to play through the entire mission again if you want to look for them. Again, not a big deal, just kind of an annoyance.

Overall, I think this game is a fantastic sequel, and I highly recommend it to anyone who liked the original. And even if you didn`t like the first game, I`d still say this is worth trying, as you might like this one more.

A 5/5
It`s a great game to add to your collection. :P


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